Paper Review By Graduate Students

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   This seminar series intends to have graduate students in the lab introduce one well-known and relevant research paper to our current research, and discuss with other lab members. In a seminar, the presenter is going to cover the following four aspects (2W+2H):

  • What this paper is about?
  • Why this paper is well-known and important to you and us?
  • How the authors formulate and solve the problem?
  • How this paper potentially benefits your and others’ research?

The papers that are discussed and presenters are listed below:
Week 1: Singh, Ishika, et al., "ProgPrompt Generating Situated Robot Task Plans using Large Language Models", ICRA 2023, by Shyam Sundar Kannan
Week 2: Young, Sarah, et al., "Playful Interactions for Representation Learning", IROS 2023, by Vishnunandan Venkatesh
Week 3: Wu, Jimmy, et al., "TidyBot: Personalized Robot Assistance with Large Language Models", IROS 2023, by Weizheng Wang
Week 4: Hejna, Joey, et al., "Few-Shot Preference Learning for Human-in-the-Loop RL", CoRL 2022, by Ruiqi Wang
Week 5: Lowe, Ryan, et al., "Multi-Agent Actor-Critic for Mixed Cooperative-Competitive Environments", NeurIPS 2017 , by Vishnunandan Venkatesh
Week 6: Shah, Dhruv, et al., "Navigation with Large Language Models: Semantic Guesswork as a Heuristic for Planning", CoRL 2023, by Taehyeon Kim
Week 7: Hiranaka, Ayano, et al., "Primitive Skill-based Robot Learning from Human Evaluative Feedback", IROS 2023, by Arjun Gupte
Week 8: Thrun, Sebastian, et al., "Stanley: The Robot that Won the DARPA Grand Challenge", Journal of Field Robotics 2006, by Shyam Sundar Kannan
Week 9: Vaswani, Ashish, et al., "Attention Is All You Need", NeurIPS 2017, by Ruiqi Wang
Week 10: Zhu, Yuke, et al., "Target-driven Visual Navigation in Indoor Scenes using Deep Reinforcement Learning", ICRA 2017, by Taehyeon Kim
Week 11: He, Kaiming, et al., "Deep Residual Learning for Image Recognition", CVPR 2016, by Weizheng Wang
Week 12: Cucciniello, Ilenia, et al., "Mind Perception in HRI: Exploring Users' Attribution of Mental and Emotional States to Robots with Different Behavioural Styles", International Journal of Social Robotics 2023, by Go-Eum Cha