Paper Review By Graduate Students

Spring 2019   Fall 2018   Spring 2018    Fall 2017

   This seminar series intends to have graduate students in the lab introduce one “well-known” research paper and discuss with other lab members. In a seminar, the presenter is going to cover the following four aspects (2W+2H):

  • What this paper is about?
  • Why this paper is well-known and important to you and us?
  • How the authors formulate and solve the problem?
  • How this paper potentially benefits your and others’ research?

The papers that are discussed and presenters are listed below:
Week 1: Ore, John‐Paul, et al., “Autonomous aerial water sampling”, Journal of Field Robotics 2015, by Jun Han Bae
Week 2: Fan, Fei, et al., ““Cross-Layer Retrofitting of UAVs Against Cyber-Physical Attacks”, ICRA 2018, by Sangjun Lee
Week 3: Manjanna, Sandeep, et al., “Heterogeneous Multi-robot System for Exploration and Strategic Water Sampling”, ICRA 2018, by Yogang Singh
Week 4: Graciano Santos, Vinicius, et al., “Segregation of Multiple Heterogeneous units in a Robotic Swarm”, ICRA 2014, by Tamzidul Mina
Week 5: Tian, Nan, et al., “A cloud robot system using the dexterity network and berkeley robotics and automation as a service (Brass)”, ICRA 2017, by Manoj Raj Penmetcha
Week 6: Special Seminar on “Webots: open source robotics simulation software", by Wonse Jo
Week 7: Alonso-Mora, Javier, et al., “Gesture based human-multi-robot swarm interaction and its application to an interactive display", ICRA 2015, by Shaocheng Luo
Week 8: Jung, Sungwook, et al., “Multi-Layer Coverage Path Planner for Autonomous Structural Inspection of High-Rise Structures", IROS 2018, by Shyam Sundar Kannan
Week 9: Chen, Jianing, et al., “A Strategy for Transporting Tall Objects with a Swarm of Miniature Mobile Robots", ICRA 2013, by Jee Hwan Park