Paper Review By Graduate Students

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   This seminar series intends to have graduate students in the lab introduce one well-known and relevant research paper to our current research, and discuss with other lab members. In a seminar, the presenter is going to cover the following four aspects (2W+2H):

  • What this paper is about?
  • Why this paper is well-known and important to you and us?
  • How the authors formulate and solve the problem?
  • How this paper potentially benefits your and others’ research?

The papers that are discussed and presenters are listed below:
Week 1: Dosovitskiy, Alexey, et al., "An image is worth 16x16 words: Transformers for image recognition at scale", ICLR 2021, by Shyam Sundar Kannan
Week 2: Wu, Jimmy, et al., "Spatial Intention Maps for Multi-Agent Mobile Manipulation", ICRA 2021, by Vishnunandan Venkatesh
Week 3: Hudspeth, Marisa, et al., "Effects of Interfaces on Human-Robot Trust: Specifying and Visualizing Physical Zones", ICRA 2022, by Go-Eum Cha
Week 4: Adamkiewicz, Michal, et al., "Vision-Only Robot Navigation in a Neural Radiance World", ICRA 2022 , by Su Sun
Week 5: Carvalho, Manuel, et al., "Human-Robot greeting: tracking human greeting mental states and acting accordingly", IROS 2021 ,by Wonse Jo
Week 6: Del Duchetto, Francesco, and Marc Hanheide, "Learning on the Job: Long-Term Behavioural Adaptation in Human-Robot Interactions", RAL 2022, by Ruiqi Wang
Week 7: Xiao, Anxing, et al., "Robotic Guide Dog: Leading a Human with Leash-Guided Hybrid Physical Interaction", ICRA 2021, by Weizheng Wang
Week 8: Hedayati, Hooman, Mark D. Gross, and Daniel Szafir, "What Information Should a Robot Convey?", IROS 2021, by JeremyPan