Robotics Operating System Seminar By Dr. Ramviyas Parasuraman

   Robot Operating System (ROS) is a predominant software framework in robotics community. SMART lab members have shown interest and motivation in learning ROS as it is needed in most of our projects. Initially, we had an introductory ROS seminars (3x2h) this semester to lay foundation for the detailed ROS seminar series coming up in the next semester.

For the introduction seminars, the following were covered:
Week 1: Introduction to ROS: What is ROS? Why should it be used? For which applications it is appropriate and for which it is not? History of ROS and the future scope. Basic concepts of ROS - nodes, topics, messages, services, workspace, packages.
Week 2: Tutorials for installing, setting up ROS workspace and navigating the ROS system, simple ROS commands.
Week 3: Tutorials on creating a subscriber and publisher in python & Communication between two machines via WiFi and Ethernet.
Week 4: Tutorials with examples on ROS messages, and topics.
Week 5: Defining and using custom messages in ROS.
Week 6: Tutorials on ROS Services.
Week 7: Assignments review.
Week 8: ROS Actionlib.
Week 9: Wrap up - Revisiting ROS basics.
Week 10: Final class - Assignments review, Rviz and Rqt examples.