Purdue SMART Lab Team


Shaocheng Luo

  Purdue University, 2014 - present (Technology)
Ph.D. student
M.S. Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China, 2012 (Mechatronic Engineering)
"Design of Open Frame Multi-Axis Motion Control System Based on Fieldbus"
with Prof. Shiqiang Zhu
B.S. Harbin Institute of Technology, Harbin, 2009 (Mechanical Design, Manufacturing & Automation)

Current Research:

    My current research is to develop an observation network system for water quality of Wabash River. Within this system, we are going to implement physical indices monitoring such as water temperature, pH value, sediment analysis, etc., as well as integrate robots (UAVs and UUVs) into the system as sampling executors. The bottomline of this project is to pave the way of robotic application in Cyber-Physical System (CPS). In addition to monitoring, the data collected with this system will be recorded and stored in database. Moreover, with technologies of Big-Data and Machine Learning, we are able to provide immediate conclusions such as pollution prediction and alarming. In the initial stage, we are working on our underwater robot, named Tri-SedimentBot, building and test. Sooner we will start communication network design which connects every robot in the area of interest to the command center. Necessary path planning and command sending will also be achieved within this network with ideas of Cloud Robotics.

  • Thomas Fischer, Xiaozhe Fan, Golsa Moayeri, Shaocheng Luo, "A 64x64 Image Energy Harvesting Configurable Image Sensor", 2016 IEEE International Symposium on Circuit and Systems (ISCAS 2016), Montreal, Canada, May 22-25, 2016.
  • X. Jin, S. Zhu, W. Wu, S. Luo, "A Novel Robotic Motion Control Strategy Based on Improved Fuzzy PID and Feedforward Compensation", Applied Mechanics and Materials., Vol. 365-366, p. 821-826, 2013.
  • Shaocheng Luo, Shiqiang Zhu, "Open Architecture Multi-Axis Motion Control System for Industrial Robot Based on CAN Bus", Proceedings of Automatic Control and Artificial Intelligence (ACAI 2012), Xiamen, China, 2012.

    luo191 at purdue dot edu